Q: What services are included in your fee?

We have different ways of charging for services; hourly, flat fee, percentage, cost-per-person.We make sure we dicscuss what services we provide that is included in our fee so that our clients are not mislead or misconcieved.  We make sure that everything is understood by the client in detail so that there are no surprised later.

Q: Does your company mark up third party vendor costs/fees or take commissions? If so, do you disclose this in advance?

Elevate! Premier Events works with our preferred vendors to complete whatever components of our client's event that we do not personally offer.  These vendors are our partners and we refer business one to another as a professional courtesy.  It has been our policy or practice not to mark up fees our third party vendors charge and we will continue to uphold this way of doing business.

Q: Tell me about your company's experiience with ...

This question will vary based on the scope of services you need.  Our company is made up of very professional and experience event coordinators who individually have expertise in different areas of the whole planning and execution process. Our clients will find out the extent of our experience as it pertains to the individual during the consultation interview when it is determined what the clients specific needs are.

Q: When things do not go as planned, how do you fix them? 

Events involve people, weather and technology; three things that have a mind of their own. Our experienced planners knows how to solve problems under pressure and remain calm under stress.  We pride ourselves in executing flawless events and our track record proves this.

Q: How do you stay current with industry trends and issues?

Trends, technology, laws, generational impacts, and learning approaches are constantly changing within the meetings and events  industry.  How does our planner stay on top of this?  They are involved in professional organizations, they attend educational events and seminars, read publications, and get their certification and keep their certification and skill current and up-to-date.  

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Our planners will charge for hours and services already utilized, and any purchases acquired. That being said, our staff makes sure you know the details of your contract terms for cancelling, postponing or otherwise changing your event up front.

Q: What is your experience in fiscal management?

Our event manager may be processing large amounts of money on your behalf. Handling funds for our clietns in something that our experience managers can take care of.  Any of our team hadling large amounts of money will be covered under a fidelity bond.  The are professionally adequate to handle large budgets and handle large cash flows. 

Q: Do you carry liability insurance? 

All of our professional event planners our covered under our company's liability insurance. It protects them, and you, during an event.  We also can recomment supplemental event insurance to our client should they feel the need for additonal insurance.