The Groomal  Show - A Bridal Show from the Groom's Perspective

Traditionally, brides have been the main focus at bridal shows, while the groom sits on the sideline or doesn't attend. We want to change that and decided that although the bride is very important to us, the groom is equally important and plays a major role in the decision process.

Calling all grooms! Come out the the biggest bachelor party of the year and let us show you just how special you are. Receive the royal treatment, only at the Groomal Show!

No matter what your wedding needs are, you can rest assured that they will be taken care at the Groomal Show! Speak with the area's finest in the field and learn about selecting invitations, sample some great food, taste a variety of wedding cakes, check out fabulous wedding rings, watch a groom inspired fashion show, check out honeymoon packages, hear some great music, learn about venues that offer all inclusive wedding packages, relax in the groom's lounge, learn a few dance steps, but most of all, win some great prizes and a special honeymoon. Whatever it is, you will find it at The Groomal Show!

We want to make you king for the day, and bring your queen to share in on the festivities.