Elevate! Premier Events plans all types of weddings from beginning to end.  We specialze in:

  • Vegan Weddings & Vegan Honeymoons
  • Equality Weddings/Same Sex & Same Sex Honeymoons
  • Destintion Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Multi-Cultural/Religion Weddings
    • Catholic Weddings
    • Jewish Weddings
    • Indian Weddings
    • African Weddings
  • Vintage Weddings
  • Eco-friendly/Green Weddings

One of specialties is Vegan Weddings for the vegan bride who not only wants her food to be vegan, she wants her whole wedding vegan from the wedding dress  to the honeymoon. We provide a customize Vegan Wedding that makes your special day an extraordinary day with our exceptional service provided by our expert planner in veganism.

Vegan Weddings

Our expert planner has all of the skills necessary to give you what you need to make your wedding totally vegan. When planning your vegan wedding, we take into consideration all components needed like the dress, cake, catering, favors, invites, and all other wedding related needs to ensure that every element is vegan.  

Here are a few tips from our expert on planning vegan;

  • Dress - The majority of wedding dresses are vegan with the exception of some silk.  Be careful when choosing a dress for your vegan wedding that is does not contain silk (silkworms).  Instead, fabrics like chiffon, taffeta, sateen, or lace. Check your dress label before you try on or purchase if you want a strictly vegan wedding. Don't try on a dress that contradicts your vegan values because you might just fall in love with it.  Always check the label first. (Check out your bridesmaid dresses as well).
  • Groom's Suit - Finding a vegan suit for the groom can be challenging but is possible. Stay away from wool, silk, and cashmere, what most men suits are made from.  Instead find suits that are non-animal like linen, cotton, polyester, or rayon fabrics that are not blended wool.  Again, check your labels. For resources on where you can purchase a vegan men's suit, please contact your expert planner. Watch out for silk ties, instead opt for polyester which is less expensive as well.

For more tips about planning your vegan wedding, email us at with vegan wedding in the subject, or give us a call at 470-321-0215 to speak with our specialty planner.  

To let us take the stress out of planning your vegan wedding, give us a call to set up your complimentary consultation at 470-321-0215. Our planning fees for vegan weddings start at $1500 and could fluctuate depending on your individual planning need.

Negotiating Vendor Contracts

Our Process: We will have an initial meeting with you, determine your needs, then create a planning proposal for your approval.  Then let the planning began!

In need of any other vendors, no worries, we will use our negotiation skills to get you discounts from preferred vendors on products and services.We also have preferred vendors that are classified as both vegan and eco-friendly.

We can also connect you with some of the best wedding professionals in the industry who may offer services we may not provide and will negotiate with the vendors to get you the best pricing.

We can make your special day an extraordinary day!  This is our commitment to you.

Designing for Memories

With years of combined creative expertise, and a team of savvy, talented, and venerated wedding planners & designers we can offer a matchless combination of professionalism, creativity, and imagination.

We believe every bride should have an elevated experience on the wedding day.  Your dream wedding begins with the creative concept and design of your special day, which will be an expression as well as a celebration of who you are.

We will identify and articulate your signature style, provide innovative ideas and resources, and create and unforgettable event.  We custom design all of our events based on our client's style and budget.

We assist in making your expectations a reality by guiding you through the creative process and then fashioning a management plan that will allow you a worry free, exceptional event.

Our meticulous planners and event management team consitently deliver effective results and we make sure your wedding day is a memorable day.